Spanish Presentation (Tengo Tu Love – El Sie7e)

In Tengo Tu Love by El Sie7e, the singer sings about what values most to him and why it is so valuable. The slideshow that I created has a few examples of what matters most to El Sie7e and how he feels about a woman whose love he has. The song is also showing that interacting with another can make feelings more valuable and have more meaning than material objects. Click here for slideshow.

I Am A Whirlwind

I might come across to others
as just a normal fifteen-year old girl
with light-brown hair
and light-brown eyes
But in my opinion I know that I am more
way more than what people see on the outside
not a plant or a worm
not a bird or shy animal
A gust of WIND
moving silently around everyone unseen
I’m invisible
But when I perk back up again
and again
and again
I’m free
full of adventure
moving past everything
and then I get tired
take a deep breath
the light-brown eyed, light-brown haired girl
goes to sleep
only to repeat herself in the following days.

Extreme Emotions

Winston rushed through the living room with so much fury that he almost busted the door down. After he finally got into his bedroom he turned around and slammed the door shut with a loud BANG! Winston never looked back at his disgruntled neighbor after the argument they had over whose lawn looked the best. Although, he was very frustrated with his neighbor he tried to calm his nerves but nothing seemed to work. It is important to deal with extreme emotion, like Winston’s red-faced fury, because it will help anyone who is willing to confront themselves to contain a healthier lifestyle and keep family, friends, and loved ones close.
Controlling extreme emotion can seem a bit difficult at times but anybody can get through it with the help they need or working on it themself. This will contribute to a healthy lifestyle by not having so much stress to deal but by getting to work out or just hang out with friends for a day. People who seem to deal with their emotions tend to get more confident and less worried about people and their surroundings. For example, anyone looks on the bright side of controlling extreme emotions it can help people,like Winston, to succeed in what they enjoy most. No matter what the consequence is, it can always benefit the ones who put forth the effort.
Furthermore, keeping family and friends close can be very difficult while struggling with extreme emotions. It could possibly chase away anyone who is ever there for support or friends who are dearest. Destroying a friendship or relationship is not what people want to go through for having extreme emotions. Mental health due to emotion can cause serious problems in that persons life. Not only can it cause mental health for the victim to be severe but it can also cause them to want to do serious harm to themselves. For example, taking small steps one at a time anyone is bound to make a better mental lifestyle for themselves.
Therefore, the big impact of dealing with extreme emotion, like Winston did after the argument with his neighbor, can change anyone’s lifestyle forever. People who suffer from this can pick up new ways to create a life of their own and start by putting down a footprint that represents new life.

Cell Phone Effects

Sadie had her thumbs moving at a rapid speed across her new, shiny Iphone keyboard. While she was texting her friends during school her classmates were trying to study for an important test. Sadie’s cell phone became her ultimate distraction. The effect of cell phone’s on students, teachers, and peers can be fatal in academics or on the road. People and cell phones today can cause failure in school, endangerment, or either a better lifestyle.
For example, the positive impact will cell phones today are being able to up required information when needed for education, business, or just for fun. Most schools today will allow students on their phones for educational purposes. But the big question is, Do they really use the time they are given for work or sneak behind teachers’ back and play games or get on multiple apps? The distraction of cellphones on students is a very large percentage and is why the grades seen from when cell phones weren’t as popular are higher than today’s grades.
Furthermore, the negative outcome of cell phones is the tracking and location services provided on most phones. If the tracking is not disabled anyone could find a current location of a regular man on vacation or a young 14 year old girl hanging out with friends. The danger’s of this flaw are kidnappings and a more severe consequence. The other flaw for cell phone use is the classroom student failing. Most teachers will let the students on their phones and allow them to play games or watch videos online but whenever a major test or quiz comes they won’t know their material or do the work required.
Therefore, the major consequence of cell phones could either be a positive or a negative impact on anyone’s life. By making it better, kids and adults should make it who where there is a certain time limit on their phone to allow people not to text them at a specific time of the day. These conflicts can stir up problems and harm everyone’s work they worked so hard to achieve.

The Importance of Reading

Reading in the real world may not be as popular as it once was. Today children enjoy the tempting screens of their new iPhone 6. Majority of readers today may also do better in school than those who don’t read. The wide variety of books can be overwhelming but can allow access to far away magical kingdoms or possibly the troubles of a teenage vampire. Whether an athlete or a nerd, reading provides unlimited access to information or interesting stories.
For example, the educational genre in reading can help with success and gaining a lot of great job opportunities to obtain at an older age. With a vast variety of educational books, anyone can read about history and science while being able to study for English, algebra, and possibly a foreign language. Also, the constant vocabulary that devours the pages in a book can help someone who wants to become an author or a poet. Although many may not want to be a poet, they can still do better in every time consuming class that they have.
Furthermore, not every book that is available to read doesn’t have to be full of educational perks or difficult-to-pronounce vocabulary. Books about werewolves, vampires, magical kingdoms that seem realistic, or even the normal high school teenage drama can be interesting and enjoyable genres. Many teenagers today are skeptical about reading dramas, fantasies, or even action books. The teenagers that enjoy reading and take the time to read diverse genres will have an active and vast imagination. Many of those who read these books can connect to the main character by personality or just looks.
Therefore, reading can contribute to earning a diploma or being held back another stressful year in high school. Although not a very exciting hobby to some, when picking up the right book and digging within its cream colored pages could begin to open up a whole new world that has never been explored. While waiting on just the right person to take within the books’ kingdom, the reader may not understand the meaning or setting of the book but it will show them the meaning and beauty of a story now bound with the reader forever.

Essential Amino Acids

The 9 Essential Amino Acids:
1. Histidine – Beef
2. Isoleucine – Egg whites
3. Lysine – Cheese
4. Methionine – Fish
5. Phenylalanine – Lamb
6. Threonine – Seaweed
7. Tryptophan – Tofu
8. Valine – Grains
9. Leucine – Elk